For some it is a matter of completing something.  I get a special feeling when a project, whether it be a model or a new product, is finished.  After the last little bit gets added to the model and it is sitting on my work bench I’ll sit back for a moment and remember the fun, as well as, the trials and tribulations I went through to finish it.  I grab a beer and look it over real good, not judging it but looking at it with a realistic eye.  Does it look like what I saw in my mind’s eye?  Did I fall short or did I do it right. 

The model isn’t completely finished really until I grab the wife and pull her into the model room.  Her job is to come into the model room and look it over.  Then shes says “Ewww, ahhhh.”   Even if she doesn’t mean it or she is just making me happy it don’t matter.  I love her for it.  That my friends is when the model is truly finished.  Time to sit back and think about what is next.  Ahhh, another beer doesn’t hurt either.

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