No motivation.  No desire to do anything modeling related.  Been there done that.  I tend to work harder and more obsessive than I probably should.  It is a hard row to hoe, so why do I do it?  I wish I could answer why.   

After finishing up a model I normally write a review on it or at the very least photograph it.  This would be posted to the internet or sent off to a magazine to officially end a model.  Then it was time to start another project. I always clean off the work bench when I’m done.  It is a mind clearing exercise.  I fill up the thinner bottles I have in the paint booth.  The airbrushes are cleaned out and lubed up for the next time.  I also scrape off the old paint and the superglue spots from my glass work area.  This all preps me for the next model.  But does it really?  The area and tools are ready but I’m normally not. 

I take a few days, sometimes a few weeks, between models.  I use that time to get my head right.  This allowed me to read some books and articles.  I also use this time to look through the unbuilt kits I had in my stash.  The stash could motivate me to build something.  It was sometimes the motivation to start again. What happens when I don’t get this time?  Burnout and boy have I had it bad for the past couple of months.

 I haven’t had the luxury of this destressing the past couple of months.  I’ve had more required to do projects on my pile so I haven’t had the chance to take a break, look over the stash and get motivated.  The next model always seems to be selected for me.  It takes some getting use to.  I need to get back to the way it should be. 

 Don’t get me wrong I’ve liked all my subjects but it sure would be nice to do them when I’m really motivated to start them not because they are due.  Oh well, almost done and no more ‘required’ builds for me for a while. 

I have to take my own advice and “Remember: Modeling is fun”.

One Response to “Burnout”

  1. Bloodgroove Says:

    Hey Floyd. Your friend in Florida here – John D. Just checking out your blog. I’ve read three so far. Very well written! Good job. I understand the burned out thing very well. This blog is almost a month old and I’m sure you’ve got your mojo back by now. If not, it’ll come.

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