Who do you build for?

Do you build a kit because you want to?  What about the markings?  Do you build it in the same markings as everybody else?  Or do you have to build something different because everyone built that one?  I mean really do we need another 109 in the world?  How about a P-51B in Don Gentile’s markings? 

If my display case doesn’t have one in it I will build it requardless.  A kit doesn’t have to be built for anyone other than you.  Because I love the Bf-109 I have built it a lot of times (over 30 times for those counting) and still have 130 unbuilt ones, all in 1/48th scale, in my collection.  Do I care that others say sarcastically, ” Another 109?”  Doesn’t matter to me.  Not in the least.  Remember that at the end of the day it is only you that has to look at the model either on your display case or shelf. 

The key is to have fun while you are building it.  Enjoy it.   I do try to do something different on each kit.  Some will get the whole hog and some will just get a resin cockpit.  It might be the markings or the paint scheme, sometimes it is the armament.  Maybe even a pilot I met or read his book.  I try to learn something on each model.  I am not afraid to play with the 109.  It is ‘comfortable’ build for me.  There are still plenty of 109s to build and plenty of markings that I haven’t played with.

Now will I build two of the same markings?  No, not unless someone is paying me.  LOL  Been there, done that.

So build what you want to, but above all enjoy the build.


Remember: Modeling is fun!

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