The start of a New Year

Many of us will make resolutions, most of them we won’t be able to keep.  So why do we do it?  We do it with the hope that we will be a better man for it.  Same thing goes with modeling, why do we build models or more appropriately why do we buy models?  Oh the joy and the thrill of getting a new kit, opening it up and see the pretty bags of plastic awaiting us.  All that potential in one place.  If you are like me, you sit there fondling the plastic and marveling at the colorful decals.  Oh what I can do with this or that.  I wonder what aftermarket is available?  I start planning the markings in my head.  Are there decals for the markings?   Heck sometimes I start building it in my head. 

This might explain why we continue to buy models even when we have so many there is no possible way for us to build them all.  If I retired now and did nothing but build models from now on there is no way I could possibly finish the ones I have already let alone the ones I will buy.  What can I possibly do with over 130 1/48th scale Bf-109s?  Oh well better to have them and not use them than to want them and not have the chance to build them.

When I do decide to build one, oh the hours I’ll spend shaping the parts into three dimensional historical art. 

Yes I think of my models, and all models for that matter, as three dimensional historical art.  What differs us from Picasso?  Well besides the obvious thing of our stuff not being in the Louvre’.  We use all the same materials as the grand masters.  We use acrylics and water colors that would rival Monet.  Oils in ways that would make Picasso take notice.  We use pastels to replicate stains in ways that would never have even been thought of by the artists of old.  We use enamels and we can sculpt with the best of them.  Is there anything that the grand masters used that we don’t?  Nothing, nada.  So what makes us different?  Are we any less of an artist? 

OK there are plenty of reasons why we are not the NEW grand masters, but we are our own worse enemy when it comes to building and FINISHING a model.  I’ve had a lot of them that I’ve started.  I think the longest I’ve started a model until I finished one was seven years.  No wait I still have a 1978 Corvette model that I started in 1989 that is still waiting on me to polish out the finish.  I think it is dry by now.

So what am getting at here?  Buy, fondle, and build your models.  Don’t build them for anyone but yourself, of course unless it is a commission build.  Enjoy the process.  Revel (no pun intended) in the joy of the small accomplishments.  Don’t let little ‘inaccuracies’ or even ‘fatal flaws’ get in the way of enjoying the fun that is model building. 

Remember: Modeling is fun! 


One Response to “The start of a New Year”

  1. Bloodgroove Says:

    Good advice in that last paragraph, Floyd.

    “Three dimensional historical art.” An interesting way to see them. I never thought of it that way, but you’re absolutely right.

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