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The start of a New Year

December 30, 2009

Many of us will make resolutions, most of them we won’t be able to keep.  So why do we do it?  We do it with the hope that we will be a better man for it.  Same thing goes with modeling, why do we build models or more appropriately why do we buy models?  Oh the joy and the thrill of getting a new kit, opening it up and see the pretty bags of plastic awaiting us.  All that potential in one place.  If you are like me, you sit there fondling the plastic and marveling at the colorful decals.  Oh what I can do with this or that.  I wonder what aftermarket is available?  I start planning the markings in my head.  Are there decals for the markings?   Heck sometimes I start building it in my head. 

This might explain why we continue to buy models even when we have so many there is no possible way for us to build them all.  If I retired now and did nothing but build models from now on there is no way I could possibly finish the ones I have already let alone the ones I will buy.  What can I possibly do with over 130 1/48th scale Bf-109s?  Oh well better to have them and not use them than to want them and not have the chance to build them.

When I do decide to build one, oh the hours I’ll spend shaping the parts into three dimensional historical art. 

Yes I think of my models, and all models for that matter, as three dimensional historical art.  What differs us from Picasso?  Well besides the obvious thing of our stuff not being in the Louvre’.  We use all the same materials as the grand masters.  We use acrylics and water colors that would rival Monet.  Oils in ways that would make Picasso take notice.  We use pastels to replicate stains in ways that would never have even been thought of by the artists of old.  We use enamels and we can sculpt with the best of them.  Is there anything that the grand masters used that we don’t?  Nothing, nada.  So what makes us different?  Are we any less of an artist? 

OK there are plenty of reasons why we are not the NEW grand masters, but we are our own worse enemy when it comes to building and FINISHING a model.  I’ve had a lot of them that I’ve started.  I think the longest I’ve started a model until I finished one was seven years.  No wait I still have a 1978 Corvette model that I started in 1989 that is still waiting on me to polish out the finish.  I think it is dry by now.

So what am getting at here?  Buy, fondle, and build your models.  Don’t build them for anyone but yourself, of course unless it is a commission build.  Enjoy the process.  Revel (no pun intended) in the joy of the small accomplishments.  Don’t let little ‘inaccuracies’ or even ‘fatal flaws’ get in the way of enjoying the fun that is model building. 

Remember: Modeling is fun! 


Merry Christmas

December 22, 2009

I don’t get political too often, however, at this time of the year I do.  MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

OK OK Happy Hanukka, Kwansaa or whatever else you celebrate.

Remember the reason for the season. 

Also don’t forget to remember that there are men and women overseas separated from their family’s at this time of year protecting your freedom to worship as you choose.  Remember them in your prayers or mantras.  God bless them all.  Prayer for peace on earth.

Floyd- Remember modeling is fun!

NEW Werner’s Wings- ROTORWASH Walk Around DVDs Release

December 18, 2009

Well I thought it was going to take until the first of the year, but it looks like we will release two Huey Walk Around DVDs next week.  The replicator says I should have them by Wednesday next week, just before Christmas.  I was hoping to have them FOR Christmas but some things are beyond our control.  That is okay as the final product is worth the wait and effort.  Depending on how well these are received will determine if there are others in the series.  I’d like to do a Cobra, Kiowa/Kiowa Warrior, OH-6 series, Blackhawk and Chinook one.  That would take care of the US Army main aircraft.

Some new information has become available for the AH-1W turned exhausts so it will require some massaging of the parts.  That plan view was elusive to say the least.  I finally found some photos from underneath that clearly show the shape.  So that means we still have some more work to do.  The PE is designed for the set and will be added prior to the casting procedures so you won’t have to play with them. 

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

December 16, 2009

Shortly I, along with Ray Wilhite (Rotorwash), will be releasing the first and second of a new line of helicopter walk around DVDs.  The first release will be focused on the UH-1 Short Body and then the second release, the UH-1 Long Body DVD.  The price hasn’t been set yet but it should be about $12 each.  If they sell well we’ll continue to release future titles.  On the work block are the OH-58 series, OH-6 series, and ,of course for me, the AH-1 series.  You’ll here about the release date here first.  I am shooting for the first week of January though. 

OK it is no secret that I was an Army Cobra pilot and that I’ve poked fun at Marines for as long as I can remember.  I don’t know why they are just fun.  It is, of course, all done tongue in cheek.  I even have some friends that are Marines.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone. 

Why am I mentioning the Marines?  Well I am working on a number of sets for the MRC/Academy/AFV Club AH-1W.   The first, the turned exhausts, is at the casters for some cleanup and some added PE detail to be added.  They should be ready around the first of the year. 

The next is a brand new canopy.  For those of you who have been following Avus’ build on ARC you will know of the canopy work for the Academy AH-1W.  That looks to be the second release.  

There is also some work being done on the transmission area of the kit.  This is still in the development stage.  As the builder sends me some photos I’ll keep you updated. 

Sooo, what else do we need to add to the AH-1W?  I’m debating new TOW racks if Fireball will shrink his 1/32nd scale set down.  They were awesome on the AH-1S(Mod) and easy to build.  I personally have not built this kit so I’m still working out what I would like to add.  Maybe fuel tanks.  Maybe Sparrow missiles.  Since others have done the cockpit that is not on my current list of projects.  It isn’t out of the question but as of now I don’t plan on it.

People have asked me about decals.  I currently don’t have any plans on doing any additional decals.  Let me explain why.  The minimum run for decals are 250 for Microscale and 300 for Cartograf.  This means that there is a lot of extras.  I believe I have to sell about 80-100 to make my money back.  I don’t mind if I don’t make money but I hate to lose money.  LOL  I have an ALPS printer but haven’t figured it out yet.  Likewise, I haven’t figured out how to draw the decals.  If anyone wants to do the artwork I might entertain the idea of more decals.  I ALWAYS give full credit to the artist and/or modeler.

That is about all for now except to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Remembering- Modeling is fun!


Welcome to the new Werner’s Wings Blog

December 5, 2009

I’m going to try to keep this updated with information about projects and potential projects, as well as, new models under construction. 

2010 is going to be a good year.  I’ve just sent off the 1/35th scale Academy/ AFV Club AH-1W turned exhausts for the addition of some Photo Etch and rivets.  I hope to have that done by mid-January.  

I hope to follow it up with a new clear resin canopy for the same kit.  No promises, but I have confidence in the artist.

I had hoped to have a two new front ends( Non-NTS and NTS)  including the missing 4.8mm behind the cockpit and a whole new resin cockpit with canopies.  It is going to be done in CAD so the detail would be much better than I could scratchbuild.  Right now we are waiting on the information from Dave Roof of Orion Models.  Once we get it we are full steam ahead.

I am in the final stages of the first two new ROTORWASH walk around DVDs.  These two are on the UH-1 Huey.  More will follow.

I’m debating on another decal release.  I haven’t thought of any subjects so I’m open to comments.  Maybe a sheet of multiple helicopter subjects since the markings tend to be small.

The success of the Bf-109V-13/V-14 has been phenomenal.  I still have some left actually more than I thought I would by this time.  Still the response has been 99% positive and I’ve seen three built so far, including mine. 

I haven’t figured out if I am interested in doing another book.  SAMI has approached me about the potential of doing a helicopter series, but I’m hesitant as I don’t have a lot of information on helicopters that I have not flown.  We’ll see what happens.

Like I said 2010 could be a great year.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say thanks to all the people that helped make this year a success.  Most have done it for the love of the hobby.  I have given credit where credit is due.  I also encourage others to participate.  As an example, Ray Wilhite wanted to do a walk around DVD series and I thought that it sounded like a great idea.  Ray did not want to be burdened by the selling process so I said I would do that.  He designs the DVDs and I market them for him.  It is advantageous to both of us.  He gets what he has always wanted to do and we as modelers get the information that isn’t available anywhere else.

Werner’s Wings is not a big company and I certainly won’t quit the day job, but I do enjoy making things that help me make certain dreams come true, such as the AH-1F decals done by William Beasley.  This has always been a dream of mine to have the markings of my aircraft.  I’ll get on these shortly with a flurry of Cobras being built simultaneously.

Speaking of Cobras, it is my intention to some day, hopefully sooner than later, to do provide a major manufacturer with the CAD data to do a 1/35th scale AH-1F.  If done correctly a parts breakdown that will allow the entire series to be built from the AH-1G to the F.  This will require a lot of work from a variety of friends.

OK that is enough for the first blog.  Let’s see how well it is received.


Remember-Modeling is fun!